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About YourDailyNiche.com


Once upon a time, I sold informational products.

You know the type of thing, “How To Lose Stubborn Toe Fat in 14 Easy Steps Before 9 am On a Tuesday” etc etc.

What I found was that:

  • There are a lot of really, really weird problems in the world.


  • It’s really, really hard to sell things like that.

I heard someone describe it as digging through a gutter for nickels and that’s how it is both in terms of difficulty and let’s face it, how it makes you feel.

Now, this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you that I had a moment of luminescent, life-changing clarity and as a result, I live in a luxury hut on the beaches of Bermuda working only 40 minutes a month.

But that would be a plie of high-grade BS.

Instead, I simply thought, most of my thoughts are simple to be fair, “informational products are hard to sell, maybe physical products would be easier to sell”.

Turns out……yeah, they actually are.

Here comes the science/psychology bit that’s actually neither.

It’s very simple, people are more likely to purchase physical items, they fulfill or are expected to fulfill a more direct tangible need or desire and as a result, they are more likely to buy. People buy physical products every day, its second nature to them.

Additionally, people searching for a specific product by a specific name are at the end of the buying cycle and have very high commercial intent, simply, they are ready to buy and just need the right review/recommendation to validate that decision.

For example, a person searching for “Plasma TV” is in the initial research stages of a purchase.

A person searching for “Samsung Plasma TV reviews” is further along, they at least have a brand in mind and are looking to collate and compare reviews.

A person searching for “Samsung JF100X2 Plasma TV” is in buying mode with full commercial intent.

A person searching for “David Bowie Japanese folk music covers” is a serial killer. Sorry, back to the science…

The “Samsung JF100X2 Plasma TV” searcher is at the end of the buying cycle, ready to make a purchase and all it takes is somebody to reinforce their decision that this product is the correct one for them by telling them, in a conversational, informative and interesting manner, how this product solved the same problem they are having or fulfilled the same requirement they are looking for.

There is no hard “selling” here, simply the information that will validate the decision they are already on the cusp of making in a straightforward fashion.

The other advantage to selling physical products as opposed to informational ones is that you don’t have to get a site to massive levels of profit.

A site that makes just $500 per month can be sold comfortably on Empire Flippers for $15,000.

When you’re an affiliate for a physical product, $500 can represent just a handful of sales a month.

You can build and flip the sites, then reinvest or diversify.

In fact, as I write this I see an Amazon site for sale on Flippa in the golf niche, making on average just $43 per month, listed for sale at $1,200 which it will no doubt get.

Science/psychology bit over.

Now. With all of that said, it can still be hard as hell finding a good physical product to sell from the millions of products out there.

You can buy expensive software, you can spend hours locked in research mode, and you can start to see products dancing around behind your eyelids as you try to go to sleep at night. None of which is a good time.

As Homer Simpson once bemoaned (back when The Simpsons were still funny but let’s not get into that here now) “Can’t Someone Else Do It????”

Well, actually, yes they can.

We can.

And we do.

How about if every single day of every single month of the year, we just gave you 1 – 2, some days 3 (we are cool like that) fully researched and ready to rock exact physical products to sell.

And when we say fully researched, we mean NASA level detail including:

  1. Product niche
  2. Product keyword phrase
  3. Keyword phrase search volume per month
  4. Price of product
  5. SEO Competition Analysis
  6. Affiliate program(s)
  7. Monetization
  8. Potential backlink sources
  9. Your competitor’s most valuable keywords
  10. Content ideas and sources
  11. What questions your buyers are asking
  12. Deep field related versus searches
  13. TF-IDF Analysis of Competitors Keywords
  14. Relevant content and promotional forums
  15. Amazon books on the product
  16. Google play books on the product/Audiobooks
  17. Reddit
  18. Facebook pages/groups on the product
  19. Flippa: For sales, inspiration, content, expansion ideas.

Imagine, up to 40 of these per month, if you are wondering about the math of that, that’s one every day of the month = 30 to 31 and then some days we throw in some extra (you’re welcome)

 You can’t have more done for you than that.

Plus check out what our members have to say:

“I have already found, I have been poking through the database for a short bit, a product that has 60,000 plus searches a month, retails for $600 and is wide open. I can turn a five figure per/month affiliate site on that in about five months. I would never have even heard of some of the other products in there if not for you guys”.

Here’s a sample post (the kind that you get each day).

This is the bit where you are normally quoted a ridiculous figure and then someone puts a big line through it and tells you how much they are going to knock off of it and the deal you will be getting but we lose the will to live every time somebody trots out that tired ass tactic so, instead, it’s $24.95 for the monthly plan.

1 – 2, some days 3, fully researched and ready to go physical niches every day, up to 50 per month.

That’s it. End of sales page basically. Cannot make it anymore done for you or simpler than that.

We also have a bunch of other resources that you can use to build and rank your site. You can sell with it, flip it, build them for other people, your options are unlimited.

There it is.

Form an orderly queue and click the buy button below before all places are snapped up and we will see you on the inside baby…